Yeray’s origin

The origin of this family of artisan dates back to 1535, when our ancestor Hernan Dianez emigrated to Veraguas (Panama. 300 years later, our Spanish grandfather Francisco Dianez, native of Fuentespreadas (Zamora), emigrated to Cuba in 1846. He dedicated his life and talents to leather handicrafts In Pinar del Río (Cuba). His products were exported to USA, COLOMBIA, VENEZUELA until 1958.

Yeray’s project

Today, the new generation of the Dianez family has continued this family tradition. We aim to create of a new image in the world of luxury leather and jewelry, Yeray begins in this new innovative phase of exploring a new mission in the fashion world. Our philosophy is guided by a dream of dressing all those women who identify with an individualized, confident and romantic style.

In every detail, we think of you. We desire for every piece to be exclusive and unique. More than a clothing, Yeray wants to give you a treasure to cherish with pride. Our designers focus on reinventing different styles from handmade, embroideries, lace and sequins.


Each piece and garments is made with high quality materials. They are crafted with unique designs that will make you shine. You will instantly fall in love with their uniqueness.

All of our Jewelry pieces are made by hand and are exclusive.

  L. Diañez